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Heritage Home Newsletter


Asri is our newest addition

Entered a singing contest and made it to finals.

Her team was ranked 1st in a school competion.

Learned to speak clear and started reading.

Started school for the first time.

Started school for the first time.

Worked on her reading and improved her reading level.


Christina came to us July 29th 2015.  She was living at the local land field when we first met her.  Please consider sponsoring her. She is 10 years old.

From The Founder

I would like to thank everyone who donated in 2013 and helped get Heritage Home operational in one year's time.  Currently, we have seven children and are looking at sponsoring three more in 2014.  There is never a shortage of children, but we are careful not to exceed our limitations.  2013 was a wonderful first year.  The Lord provided a house in a safe, upscale environment, and the kids now have a balanced diet and a Christian education unlike before they arrived at Heritage Home.   We surpassed our goals this past year with our Lord's help.  This year our focus will be to concentrate on paying off the house debt of 85,000.00.  This is a huge endeavor, but not with God. 


God Bless you all!



Needs For The New Year

  • Housing

    • Need at least $85,000 to pay off current house

    • Necessary renovations, additional $25,000

    • Prayer about alternate housing option

      • Looking into a larger home in same neighborhood

      • Larger home costs $500,000

      • This would allow us to take in more children


  • Prayer for each child in their studies

    • for their career path


  • Prayer for Lisda as she continues to apply for a Visa

    • Has been denied four times

    • Wants to go to school at Liberty University and has already been accepted


  • Pray we can get the funds to expand 





We at Heritage Home are pleased to announce our new quarterly newsletter! It contains updated info on the home, the kids, and prayer requests. Please share this newsletter with family, friends, and others who might also wish to support Heritage Home through prayer and/or donations. Lastly, thank YOU for praying and donating. In so doing, you mirror the love of Christ to those in need.

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