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My name is Sumahelisda Lahagu. I was born in Pematang, Siantar, October 06, 1982. I am one out of five children. I have three brothers and 3 sisters. My father was a pastor. He opened a private school and my mother is a teacher. I graduated from senior high school in 2000 and I studied in a bible college for one year. Then in 2002, I was a leader at a bible school in North Sumatera for 5 years. During that time, I was studying in a university and graduated in 2007. My father died in 2005 and he had promised to educate me in a university in America. I believe that God can do that for me and that He is my daddy in my life. In 2008-2011, I was in accounting for one orphanage and guided all the guest coming to visit from another country. I met John Covert in 2011 with his son, Johnny, and Pastor, Milton Atkins. I built a relationship with them because Johnny showed love and kindness towards me and ask me to get to know his dad. I love both of them very much. I felt that John Covert loves me and takes care of me like his own daughter.


January 2012 I was studying at Bethany International University in Singapore for one year and I graduated in November 2012. During my studies in Singapore, Daddy John and Mommy Rebecca always supported me and motivated me. I love them so much - and consider them my father and mother. I always tell John everything and we always pray together by Skype. Johnny and John love orphans so much and John asked me to start orphanage in Indonesia because God put it strongly in his heart. I thought it would be too difficult for me to start it because taking care of children is challenging. I declined and told him I could not do it.


In March 2012, Daddy John had a heart attack and surgery. When he was in hospital, I was always communicating with him. I was so sad, I said to God I never want to lose my daddy. It was when I was studying in my class that Daddy John sent me a message saying he had no rhythm in his heart. I cried and I sent him a message with a prayer and a promise that we would start the ministry in Indonesia if God would heal my daddy. God worked in my daddy's heart and healed him at 2:15am that morning. In January 2013, Daddy John came to Indonesia and stayed 5 weeks and we started Heritage Home together with prayer and God's guidance. We went into the jungle and many places in North Sumatera. We found 4 girls who needed help and love. In my heart, this Heritage Home will be a blessing to many children. I have a dream to study in America and start a school for orphans were we can educate many children in Indonesia.​​​​​​​


Lisda Lahague

Heritage Home is a non-profit, Christian home/orphanage for girls and boys in Batam, Indonesia. Below, you can find out about the people who started Heritage Home and those who keep it running.









John & Rebecca Covert

John and Rebecca live in Thaxton, VA on their farm. They are both servants of Jesus and each have their own unique ministries. Rebecca's is their farm - Healing Brook Farm. John's is this ministry - Heritage Home. They both support each others efforts. They have a balanced system that seems to work. They each love what they do and they make a great team.


John remains busy with working full-time as a Field Sales Consultant for Henry Schein Dental. He has over 24 years experience in the dental sales business. He also helps Rebecca with the farm by building anything that's needed, heavy lifting/moving, plowing, slaughtering, feeding, milking, etc.


John is a multifaceted, creative man who strives to use his talents for the Lord. He is actively involved in his home church, Harvest Ministries, in Roanoke, VA. He also loves his family and being family oriented is very important to him. John and Rebecca have two sons, Johnny and Josh Covert, and a daughter - Lisda Lahague.​

Our Sponsers

All of our sponsors are a huge part of who we are. Without you, it would be impossible to continue this ministry. We commit to praying for you everyday. Each of the girls pray for each sponsor, by name, daily and love doing so! We hope God blesses you as much as He has blessed us.



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