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The House Is Finished

Thank you to everyone that helped us financially to finish this huge project! We were a little short at the end, but God blessed us through Cornerstone Korean Church out of Fairfax VA  to finish :)

As you can see, there is a beautiful upper deck. This was designed to go up more levels in the future. The driveway was a added bonus that I didn't realize was included in the cost.  The front door was added later for a nice finishing touch. Lisda did an excellent job planting and picking out the plants.  The grass is a Japanese grass that grows extremely slow, so its easy to maintain. 

Please take a good look at our car. Whenever the kids all go somewhere together, they take that car and 3 motorbikes.  We really need a Van. I have found one that can accommodate 15 people easily but runs about $38,000 .  Anyone interested in helping fund that or doing a fund raiser, please let me know.

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