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Prayer should be the first step in everything that we do, as believers. We believe that there is power in prayer and we can not be successful without it. We want you to join us in daily prayer for Heritage Home. We will strive to post request and praises as often as possible.


Some of the latest request are:

  • Being able to pay off the house by the end of 2014 ($85,00).

  • Being able to pay off the car payment ($400/month) as soon as possible.

  • That our marketing campaign will be sucessful. Read more about it here.

Tell others about us! This is a huge help and can greatly beneftit Heretige Home in many ways. The more people who are working with us in our cause either through financial support or prayers, the more children we can house, feed, educate, and send out into the world with hope they wouldn't otherwise have.


If you have an idea or would like to start up a fundrasing campaign. Please feel free to contact us! We love hearing from you.

Please consider taking action by giving a donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated and won't go unnoticed. God uses your faith in giving to do his work  of rescuing children in need, just as Jesus rescued us and adopted us into his kingdom. We are humbled we get to act out such a clear example of the gospel by rescuing and "adopting" the children God brings to Heritage Home.












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